Standards Certification

  • Do your products have Australian standards? You may be surprised to know that in many cases, although Australian Standards exist, numerous products don’t carry the standards.
  • Where an Australian Standard exist, the 'NBCF' and 'Force360' ranges of PPE products hold these Standards thus providing you and your employees with security and peace of mind.

Our products are certified by SAI GLOBAL



Buy2Give is proud to support the following Not-For-Profits

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.

Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA)

Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA)

Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) is a non-profit, nongovernment Australian organisation dedicated to preventing and curing melanoma. MIA is heavily reliant on community and grant funding to be able to continue the work we do.

MIA focus's on three key mandates; research, treatment and education. MIA approach is to take on melanoma from all angles and achieve their goal of reducing the impact of this disease on the community. MIA has become the major referral centre for melanoma patients from all over Australia and overseas.

The institute has a strong track record in delivering major advances in our understanding of melanoma biology and genetics that have helped fuel the advances in melanoma treatment.


National Breast Cancer Foundation

National Breast Cancer Foundation

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is 100% community funded and the only national body that funds life-changing breast cancer research with money raised entirely by the Australian public. Breast cancer is the most common cancer facing Australian women, with eight women dying from the disease each day — mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and friends.

Research is the only way to prevent deaths, and improve how breast cancer is diagnosed, managed and treated. By funding only world-class research, NBCF is working towards a goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

Soldier On

Soldier On

Soldier On’s mission is to achieve the best reintegrated generation of serving and ex-serving men and women in Australia’s history. To achieve this, Soldier On supports those who have served by focusing on their physical and mental health, their family, their community, and their future.

72,000 Australians have served in the Australian Defence Force since 1990, and thousands will be effected by their service, be it physically or psychologically. Soldier On provides a suite of services and access to partner organisations to meet the needs of our wounded so that they can start their journey on their road to recovery. Soldier On supports anyone who has served Australia and their families.