Nbcf Premium Clear Goggle + Lift-Up Visor Safety Wear
Nbcf Premium Clear Goggle + Lift-Up Visor Safety Wear
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NBCF Premium Clear Goggle + Lift-Up Visor

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Buy2Give is proud to launch the National Breast Cancer Foundation Zero range of safety eyewear. Designed and developed in Australia and incorporating the latest technologies and materials, this goggle/visor combo combines medium impact protection with superior Anti Fog and Hard Coat lens treatments.“By purchasing this product you are helping the NBCF to fund life changing research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer.”



  • Wide vision crystal clear polycarbonate lens
  • Form fitting TPR provides a comfortable and positive face seal
  • Indirect vents allow air flow and reduces fogging
  • Elastic head strap is easily adjustable and has quick release clip for ease of use
  • Base 9 curve provides perfect optical clarity and an extended wrap for increased side protection
  • Protection for the eyes is extended to the entire face with the polycarbonate visor
  • The unique V Pivot feature allows the visor to be lifted above the goggle and out of the way when not in use (visor is also completely removable)
  • Indirect ventilation with soft foam padded on the frame provides the maximal dust protection with sufficient airflow as outlet for heat
  • Exhale vents in visor further help humidity reduction and improve air circulation


NBCF source their entire Zero range of safety eyewear from a single manufacturing partner to ensure consistency and reliability of product. Most importantly NBCF have taken a further step by engaging SAI Global to periodically audit and certify both the manufacturing process and the product. All of NBCF’s Zero safety spectacles are certified to AS/NZS 1337 and are medium impact approved.
NBCF recommends that you only wear safety eyewear that displays the Red Tick Tower for genuine Australian Standards Certification.


UVA/UVB 280-380nm
 UV light rays from the sun are invisble to the eye yet can cause serious damage including corneal blistering, cataracts, premature ageing, conjuctivitis and partial blindness

Visible Light 380-780nm 
89% Intense visual bright light can cause retina damage and create visual perception issues

Blue Light 380-500nm 
12% Blue Light rays from the sun or artificial lighting like neons, cause eye strain and fatigue. Colours and definition can be adversely affected. In extreme cases blindess can occur

Infra Red Light 780-1400nm
9.76% Infra Red rays from the sun or mechanically heat generating applications like gas welding can cause eye dryness and corneal damage, macular degeneration and blindness