Nbcf Mechanics Glove Multi-Purpose Aus Std Cert Pink S Safety Wear

NBCF Mechanics Glove, Multi-Purpose, Aus Std Cert, Pink

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Buy2Give is proud to launch the National Breast Cancer Foundation Zero range of multipurpose mechanics gloves. Designed and developed in Australia and incorporating the latest technologies and materials, these gloves provide exceptional comfort and dexterity.“By purchasing this product you are helping the NBCF to fund life changing research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer".


  • Silicon palm for enhanced gripping.


  • 56% Synthetic Leather
  • 30% 4-Way Spandex
  • 3% Impact Foam
  • 4% Hook & Loop
  • 7% Lycra


Many gloves in the market today claim compliance to EN388 and show a mechanical score symbol. However with many glove brands sourcing from multiple factories, inconsistencies can occur and such compliance claims may not always be able to be validated. Ultimately this may put the glove wearer at risk.
NBCF source their entire gloves from a single manufacturing partner to ensure consistency and reliability of product. NBCF have recognized the weakness of compliance claims and have engaged SAI Global to certify their products and manufacturing facilities for complete peace of mind.

NBCF gloves are certified by SAI Global to Australian Standards AS/NZS 2161.2:2005 (EN420) and AS/NZS 2161.3:2005 (EN388) Mechanical Performance. Mechanical risk is the risk caused by abrasion, blade cut, tear and puncture to the wearer of the glove. A tested item is given a performance rating of 1 to 4 (lowest to highest) on some or all of the listed categories.
The ‘blade cut resistance’ test is an exception as it measures from 1 to 5.
For Certified Australian Standard protection, only wear gloves with the Red Tick Tower.