Pro-Val Disposable Lab Coat Polyeth Splash Gown Blue X 100 Safety Wear

Pro-Val Disposable Lab Coat, Polyeth Splash Gown, Blue x 100

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PART NO: 56005


  • Made from CPE (cast polyethylene film)
  • Waterproof
  • Two back ties, thumb loops to stop sleeve ride up with gloves
  • Tear back so gown may be easily removed without slipping neck hole over head
  • 1270mm long from shoulder
  • Protects against water based liquids,mild acids and bases, bodily fluids,particulate matter, fibres, dirt, dust and grime
  • Uni size


This lightweight CPE Splash gown provides waterproof protection for the arms and torso, offering great protection against fine particles, liquid sprays and bodily fluids. These waterproof plastic gowns are ideal for a range of healthcare environments such as aged care, where they are often worn by carers whilst assisting patients to shower. These gowns have two back ties, and thumb loops to stop the sleeves riding up, ensuring you are securely covered at all times.