Pro-Val Heat Resistant Glove Neoprene 350 Ð Kevlar Liner 33Cm Level 3 Black Safety Wear

Pro-Val Heat Resistant Glove, Neoprene 350 Ð Kevlar Liner, 33cm, Level 3, Black

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PART NO’s: 41285


  • Level 3 resistance to contact heat (EN407) - When the outside of the glove is in contact with material at 350°C, it takes more than 15 seconds for the material on the inside of the glove to increase by 10°C from the starting temperature of approx. 25°C.
  • 33cm long
  • Thickness 2.1mm
  • Seamless Kevlar liner provides excellent protection from cuts and abrasion hazards
  • Grip pattern on glove to ensure secure grip in both wet and dry conditions
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals including high resistance to acids
  • Glove will resist burning from inadvertent small splashes of molten metals
  • Tested against Standards EN 374 and EN 388:2016


The Neo Heat 350 is a neoprene glove designed to provide contact heat resistant protection for the hand and forearm up to 350 degrees Celcius. The glove is fully coated with neoprene to create a unique liquid proof construction, and includes a seamless Kevlar lining which provides excellent protection from cuts and abrasion hazards.