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Workplace Gender Equality Policy

Workwear Direct Workplace Gender Equality Policy:

Through embedding Workplace Gender Equality across all aspects of Workwear Direct’s operations we will create an environment where our employees can thrive. We value a diverse workforce and although not required to formally establish a WGE policy nor report to the WGE Agency, we voluntarily subscribe to the principles of the Workplace Gender Equality Act (2012).

Specifically, Workwear Direct will comply with the following principles:

1) Talent Management

a. Recruitment for all company positions will focus on job descriptions that are relevant to the job requirements and skills, ensuring they are non-discriminatory and gender neutral

b. Talent identification and management will be conducted across the organisation and will seek to ensure that both women and men are represented in the talent pool

c. Retention of our staff will centre around gender-neutral remuneration and access to parental leave and training/developmental opportunities


2) Remuneration

a. Workwear Direct is committed to pay equity and will regularly analyse, monitor and communicate/resolve any gender pay disparity


3) Carer’s & Family Violence Leave

a. Workwear Direct supports the provision of Carer’s & Family Violence leave, encouraging open communication with all staff in a supportive and caring environment


4) Flexible Work

a. Workwear Direct operates nationally, providing 24/7 support for many customers. As such, while there are some work responsibilities that are purely office based due to access to proprietary operating systems, several roles are field based, and Workwear Direct managers and employees are encouraged to establish/agree on flexible work arrangements that balance work and life commitments.


Authorised by:

Grant Tuckett
Managing Director, Workwear Direct
July 2020